Minimalism Versus Maximalism

Celine right Gucci
Celine                                                      Gucci

This fall there are two distinct camps to consider: the minimalist and the maximalist. Gucci of course is leading the charge for the more is more aesthetic, while the quieter minimalist line up with Celine and The Row. Continue reading “Minimalism Versus Maximalism”

Hermes Resort

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All images

It’s hard to believe that Resort presentations continue into July overlapping the Fall ‘17 couture shows that have started in Paris and the odd Spring ‘17 presentations that some houses are doing in a response to fast fashion. The Hermes presentation, which took place in the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré store on July 3rd, was worth the wait. Continue reading “Hermes Resort”

Black and White

Black and White beach 2

Black and White is a great tool to have in your summer style arsenal. It’s easy and you probably already own a ton of both. Here are some inspiration photos for you, just one word of warning; I shy away from wearing black pants with a basic white shirt for fear of looking like a waiter for a catering service…not that’s there’s anything wrong with that. Continue reading “Black and White”