The Row; It’s a Wrap

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The big news at the Row show on Tuesday was the prevalence of models in their 30s and 40s. The Olsen sisters from the beginning made clothes that appealed to women of all ages and therein lies the simple brilliance of their business. The customer will never outgrow them nor will they ever tire of the investment they make in the pieces they purchase, which makes for a loyal following. The other side of the coin is though their clothes appeal to older women they still have a cool factor and never make the wearer look or feel old. It’s a simple recipe yet very few designers have tried it.

The other big take-away from the show were the long and lean wrap coats. In everything from wool to leather and fur the coats looked at once protective and powerful like the women who will wear them. The Olsen sisters correctly captured the mood of the times and answered with clothes women need to get down to business in. Sign me up!

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