Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II

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Today is the 91st birthday of the Queen of England. She is the longest reigning British monarch (65 years) and the longest reigning queen in the history of the world. Continue reading “Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II”

Feud; Must See TV

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My daughter and I share a twisted love for the 1962 classic, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?   When news broke that Ryan Murphy of Glee and American Horror Story fame was working on a mini series surrounding the making of the movie and the legendary rivalry between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, we were thrilled. Now five episodes into Feud we’re obsessed. We talk about the last episode all week in anticipation of the next installment. Since we don’t subscribe to FX we purchase it the following day on Vudu and we’re already planning our marathon viewing at the end of the series, culminating in a viewing of Baby Jane. Continue reading “Feud; Must See TV”