What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Dior 1

Don’t get me wrong, I love Jennifer Lawrence and I even love Christian Dior but the pretension of this ad is hard to overlook. Here we have one of our biggest stars kicking back on what looks like a futon, hair casually pulled back, baggy jeans and the requisite statement tee shirt. Fine, that’s how most people dress and we don’t need to shop Dior for this. Yes, they had some fun with the tee, got plenty of press for the obscene price tag of $710, but don’t worry a portion of the sales are donated to charity. That isn’t even my beef. Nor is it that the whole look with shoes and bag climb into the tens of thousands. The croc bag alone, at last look, was around $38,000. It’s the materialistic message that women, including the supremely cool J. Law, need validation through pricey, identifiable accessories, even while kicking back.

Dior 3

What do you think? Am I beginning to sound like the evangelical non-smoker who only recently quit? By the way, if you love the tee check out Amazon. You can donate a portion of your savings to charity!