May 19, 2018

Saturday Deal, Tomas Maier for Uniqlo Flight Jacket

Flight Jacket Prima Darling

You can bet I made sure to get to Uniqlo yesterday to check out the Tomas Maier collaboration. Yesterday I recommended the cashmere crewneck in Three Outfits Options for a Rainy Weekend, I picked up the mango color. But I also had to get the flight jacket in green. It’s the perfect flight jacket in a sturdy cotton twill and very well made.  I’ll just swap out the buttons for real horn and voila, a fabulous jacket that looks much more expensive than its 60.00 price.  I think I’ll order the white as well.

May 16, 2018

A Short History of the Designer Sweatshirt

And When Did It Break $1000, Plus Some Reasonable Options

Designer Sweatshirt Prima Darling

The designer sweatshirt and hoodie for that matter, has become a fashion staple.  Somewhere along the line the price of the humble sweatshirt began to Continue reading “A Short History of the Designer Sweatshirt”

May 12, 2018

Saturday Deal, The Perfect Summer Sweater

Perfect Summer Sweater, Prima Darling

In color, weight and shape this is the perfect summer sweater from Max Mara Weekend. The color reminds me of Greece and the relaxed fit works over nearly everything. It should be the first thing you throw in your weekend bag for chilly evenings. On cool beach days it can also double as a chic swimsuit coverup with white sweatpants or sarong.