De Vera, A Downtown Treasure


De Vera Prima Darling

Once in a great while stepping into a store transforms your thinking and elevates your eye.  Today I had such an experience when my friend, Eric Gaskins, took me to De Vera, a shop filled with rare curiosities from around the world.  To call it a shop is not accurate. The artfully arranged vignettes, impossible to credit to any one period or place, are enlivened by juxtaposition that can only be achieved by someone with an unerring eye. It’s more akin to a very personal museum.

De Vera Prima Darling The person behind the vision is Federico De Vera. Raised in the Philippines, he studied architecture before moving to San Francisco where he opened his first store.  In 2003 He moved the store to its present location at 1 Crosby Street.  Photographs are forbidden so I’ve borrowed from their Instagram account at deverany to give you a small taste.

De Vera Prima Darling

De Vera Jewelry

In addition to collecting decorative arts, Federico De Vera is also a master jewelry designer. He incorporates antique and natural elements into his designs. The unique combinations of elements and forms enliven the jewelry, much like his pairings of objects in miniature.

De Vera Prima Darling

In this age of global luxury brands, De Vera makes a strong case for the acquisition of unique objects with history and soul. It’s an experience well worth the visit.

De Vera Prima Darling De Vera Prima Darling De Vera Prima Darling