Christmas Tree Guide For Manhattan

Tree at The Union Club Christmas Tree prima Darling

Merry Christmas to all! Here’s a repost from last Christmas, but in the tradition of Christmas all the trees mentioned are back again this year!

For those of us who celebrate Christmas nothing is more representative of the spirit of the season than the traditional Christmas tree.
Why else would we drag a pine tree into our home, endure the hassle and expense of it and then dedicate precious storage space to the tree accoutrements for the other 49 weeks of the year? Because it’s tradition, and a beautiful tradition at that. I consider myself something of a Christmas tree aficionado. I will only go with a live tree, a straight top is key and there must be ample room for ornaments to dangle between the branches. I’ve been collecting Christmas tree ornaments like a maniac since my twenties, but that affliction could be a whole post on it’s own.

My appreciation of the Christmas tree is not limited to my own. New York City, particularly Manhattan where I live, has a wealth of spectacular trees. Many of which have been a tradition for as long as anyone can remember. Here are some of my favorite famous and not so famous Christmas trees of New York. If you miss them this year don’t worry, they’ll be back same time, same place next year.

Christmas Tree Prima Darling
A New York favorite, the tree at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, decorated with 18 century Neapolitan nativity scene figures. Top photo the  Christmas tree at The Union Club, the oldest private club in New York.
Detail of the Met tree.
Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Prima Darling
The mother of all New York Christmas trees, Rockefeller Center, be prepared for crowds of people.
Christmas Tree Prima Darling
The Rockefeller Center Tree from Fifth Avenue
Christmas Tree Prima Darling
Bryant Park has a skating rink, extensive Christmas village and a magnificent tree.
Christmas Tree Prima Darling
You can get up close and personal to the Bryant Park tree.
Christmas Tree Prima Darling
A hidden jewel, the tree at the New York Public Library 5th Avenue Branch
Christmas tree Prima Darling
The Library tree is decorated with birds, pine cones and snow.
Prima Darling
The Park Avenue Christmas Trees, actually 104 of them from 54th to 97th Street
And at night
Tree Prima Darling
My favorite New York tree, my own
Tree, Prima Darling
My tree packed with ornaments, the more whimsical the better.
Boat Pond Tree Prima Darling
Last but not least the charming tree in the Central Park Boat Pond

All photos by Jolain Muller