Saturday Deals, The Windbreaker

Windbreaker Prima Darling

Exercise is a big part of my life.  I start every morning except Sunday with some form of exercise, either a yoga class, a long walk and then abs or when the weather is cool, running.  I’m not one to punish myself when it’s too hot and have learned that overdoing it can be as bad as not doing enough.  I’m looking forward to cooler running weather and with that in mind started shopping around for the perfect running windbreaker.  I didn’t have to look far before finding this, just in, Adidas by Stella McCartney windbreaker.  It has everything I require, a hood, pockets that close to hold my phone and a great color.  It gives a lot of look at a great price.

A Short History of the Designer Sweatshirt

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Designer Sweatshirt Prima Darling

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In Case You Missed It; More Pre Fall ’17

Valentino 5

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Dries Delivers


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