Must Have Fall Accessory, The Masculine Belt

Street Style Sp'18 Fashion Week Masculine Belts

One game-changing accessory I’m currently on the hunt for is the masculine belt. For fall I’ll cinch the all important blazer, long coat and oversized sweater with it. It must be in black, heavy leather with an almost utilitarian buckle, preferably in brass. The ideal width will be 1 3/4″ and must be large enough to encircle all the bulk I intend to cinch with it. I’ll buy it big and a little trick of the trade is to take it to a shoemaker to add extra holes for added versatility. I may even wander into the men’s department.

Cinched waists were spotted on the street surrounding the spring shows. They were also on the runways for fall ’17, and continued to have a presence in the spring ’18 shows. If you’re with me on this and feel the need to cinch yourself, here are my inspiration shots and top picks to get you started. Notice how all of my choices are simple thick slabs of leather, void of stitching. All the better for that rough-hewn, masculine look I’m after, and guaranteed to get better with age. One last note, don’t be afraid to pair the masculine belt with something feminine or more delicate, trust me it works.

Masculine Belts Prima Darling

Dries Van Noten Prima Darling
Dries Van Noten Fall’ 17
The Row Masculine Belt Prima Darling
The Row Fall ’17
Tomas Maier Masculine Belt Prima Darling
Tomas Maier Spring ’18
Michael Kors Masculine Belt Prima Darling
Michael Kors Spring ’18
Saint Laurent Spring '18 Prima Darling
Saint Laurent Spring ’18


Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren
B-Low The Belt
B-Low The Belt shop