Minimalism Versus Maximalism

Celine right Gucci
Celine                                                      Gucci

This fall there are two distinct camps to consider: the minimalist and the maximalist. Gucci of course is leading the charge for the more is more aesthetic, while the quieter minimalist line up with Celine and The Row. I have always leaned towards the minimalist camp preferring classic, timeless and uncomplicated pieces with attention paid to cut and luxurious materials. That’s not to say I want to look like a monastic intellectual, I still want sexiness, verve and ingenuity though in a less overt way.  What’s important is to know yourself and what makes you look and feel good. Could be a little of both, a third party you could say. Just for fun some camparisons…

The Row right Delpozo
The Row                                                 Delpozo
Hermes Ferragamo
Hermes                                                 Ferragamo

Valentino has a foot planted firmly in both camps for fall. Many of the looks were monochromatic and simple while others were heavily embroidered and appliqued, which one comes to expect from Valentino. It will be interesting to see which way Pierpaolo Piccioli will take the collection now that he’s solo.

Bottega Veneta right Gucci
Bottega Veneta                                     Gucci

What Alessandro Michele at Gucci has done that’s genius is change the zeitgeist of fashion practically overnight essentially giving everyone permission to do their own thing. So get that cat sweater if it makes you happy or wear black robes to the floor, the choice is entirely yours.