Prima Darling’s Best Of 2017

Most significant moments of 2017 Prima Darling

For Prima Darling’s 2nd yearly roundup I reviewed each post of the year and collected ten (and a couple related posts) that represent the best of 2017. Continue reading “Prima Darling’s Best Of 2017”

Fashion’s Dirty Little Secret: Ageism in Fashion Design

Fashion's Dirty Little Secret Prima Darling

With all the talk stirred up by the recent firing of long time vogue editor Lucinda Chambers, and subsequent Vestoj article, I thought it timely to republish this story originally posted on June 7th. Ageism in fashion design and apparently publishing occurs often without acknowledgement. Continue reading “Fashion’s Dirty Little Secret: Ageism in Fashion Design”

A New Chapter For Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein 1981 photo Irving Penn
Calvin Klein 1981 photo Irving Penn

The official news naming Raf Simons as chief creative director for Calvin Klein broke Tuesday while I was enjoying a day at the beach. The entire industry has been anticipating the announcement since April but because of Simons’s non compete agreement with Dior the official word was delayed. Continue reading “A New Chapter For Calvin Klein”