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Muse Magazine, Prima Darling

This story was originally posted in October 2017

A year ago in a post titled Should I Go Short? I pondered the possibility of having my hair dramatically cut. After much deliberation I saw my stylist equipped with the photos from said post, only to be talked out of it by my colorist, whom I trust implicitly. They gave me a layered bob, again, and off I went. Honestly I didn’t regret it. The hair I hoped to achieve in the photos was quite far from my reality. They most likely saved me much frustration and angst. It’s good to be realistic about your hair limitations but a little tweak never hurt anyone. With that in mind I’ve been on the look out for hair trends.

Vogue Australia, Hair Trends
Top photo Muse magazine, above Vogue Australia

Hair is having an interesting moment right now. There’s quite a bit of variety in length and texture with an emphasis on going more natural. At this point I don’t even know what my natural hair looks like, and I don’t care to find out. That said I’m all for a wavy do that looks like I did nothing, when in fact multiple products and heat applications were involved. Case in point, the two photos above, I love the shorter length and the waves without frizz.


Vogue Spain Prima Darling
Vogue Spain, Georgia May Jagger
Marie Claire Greece Hair Trends
Marie Claire Greece

Light bangs that graze the eyebrows are very much on trend. I personally love this look, though my hair refuses to lie flat to the forehead, best for those of you with straight hair.

Vogue UK Hair Trends
Vogue UK

The above photo is not so much a hair trend as it is a hair holy grail. What I wouldn’t give to live one day with that hair.

And to finish a little hair fun with Liz and Liz