Should I Go Short?


Lately I’ve been having an internal debate on whether or not I should cut my hair short. My hair has hovered around shoulder length for the last sixteen years and frankly I’m bored with it. The problem is the great unknown on how my ever-unpredictable hair will react. At least with shoulder length hair I know what I’m dealing with and if all goes to hell there’s always the ponytail option. My biggest fear is that liberating my locks from the weight of longish hair will result in a Harpo Marks effect, and now that I think of it that’s where my fashion sensibility is headed with my newfound love for comfort, sneakers and all things oversized. The debate goes on but I’m almost due to see my stylist so I’ll have to decide soon. Here pictures of what I hope for and what I fear most.

Hope. But even a little shorter with more layering in the back.
Hope. But even a little shorter with more layering in the back.
Fear. Harpo Marx
Fear. Harpo Marx
Hope. A wavier version of this.
Hope. A wavier version of this.
Fear. Of the unknown. Image Phyllis Diller
Fear. Of the unknown. Image of Phyllis Diller
Hope. Looks easy but know enough to not even hope for this.
Hope. Looks easy but know enough to not even hope for this.

Opinions welcome…

  • Oh hell YEAH!!! The first or second. I REALLY like the first. You just beguile and enchant!!!!!
    Your, Thurston

    • I love the first one too but hard to see exactly what’s going on there.

  • …… Transmission from: Madrid Airport enroute to Mallorca!!!!!

  • I have cut my hair short (again) a few weeks back and I like it sooo much. In fact, I get so many compliments I wonder what I really looked like before:) Anyway, my hair inspiration was Julianne Hough’s pixie cut which I find very versatile and feminine. If you’re tempted, go for it – it’s only hair and it will grow back anyway!

    • Prima Darling

      Hi Stella,

      Thank you for your encouragement! Looking at your blog and instagram (which I love) I have to say I prefer your hair short, it looks amazing!! One of my fears is that I’ll look like my mother, not such a terrible thing, but I don’t want to look older. You certainly don’t, you’re an inspiration! Jolain

  • Lynn

    I vote for a combo of hope one and two. Which you would wear divinely…And though I took the extreme plunge recently, and am still working it out, I have no regrets! xo

    • Hi Lynn,

      I love your hair, still working up the nerve.

      xx Jolain