Kirsty Hume, PD’s Latest Fifty over Forty Pick

Kirsty Hume Vogue 1990's Prima Darling

One lovely by product of the trend towards diversity on the runway has been the reappearance of model legends. Lauren Hutton made a great splash in the spring ’17 Bottega Veneta show and ad campaign. This season brought us Kirsty Hume, the golden haired, Scottish beauty who was a super model among supes in the nineties and a personal favorite of mine.

Kirsty Hume Vogue Prima Darling
Top photo and above Kirsty Hume from the famous Vogue haircut editorial
Kirsty Hume Michael Kors Sp'18
In the Michael Kors Spring ’18 show
Kirsty Hume Khaite Prima Darling
I loved the Khaite Spring ’18 look book

Kirsty Hume has been on my mind since August when I posted The Perfect End of Summer Dress featuring the California collective Dôen. On their website they had a profile of Hume photographed with her daughter Violet near their home in the Topanga canyon. The images conveyed a great beauty at ease with herself and in tune with the natural world around her.

Kirsty and Violet 2016 Prima Darling
Kirsty and daughter Violet from the Dôen website profile August 2016

Hume has always followed her own path. At the height of her modeling career she married the actor, Donavan Leitch. They then travelled around Bali by jeep. The couple disliked city life and moved to Woodstock, New York where Kirsty studied painting. Eventually they moved west to California. In 2004 their daughter Violet was born. They divorced in 2014 after a three-year separation.

Kirsty Hume and Donovan Leitch Prima Darling
Kirsty Hume and then husband Donovan Leitch, late 1990’s
Kirsty and Leitch Prima Darling
With Leitch In a 1990’s Vogue editorial

Over the years Hume, now 41, has dedicated herself to projects concerned with living in tune with the natural world. She teaches natural dye techniques, is a committed environmentalist and with Violet is involved with the study of Deep Nature Connection, which explores the human connection to the natural world.   She’s also an accomplished knitter and painter. For her creativity, thoughtful approach to life, and style she’s a perfect addition to PD’s Fifty Over Forty.

Kirsty Hume Gucci Prima Darling
My favorite Tom Ford Gucci collection 1996
Kirsty Hume Prima Darling
Mid 90’s

Kirsty Hume Prima Darling