The Search Is On for the Must Have High-Rise Jean for Fall

Jane Birkin 1970s

Though it’s still early August it’s not too soon to initiate the search for the must have high-rise jean for fall. I spend a good deal of time looking at fashion, starting with the shows five months in advance of the collections hitting the stores. All the while I look at magazines, webzines, blogs and any other fashion related content that captures my interest. By the time the season actually arrives, subliminally an edit has happened for what I personally want. In the process the must have items rise to my cerebral surface and slowly but surely become an obsession. A few ideas are currently registered in there, but the one item that will jump-start the fall season for me is the perfect flared, high-rise jean.

I know this is not ground breaking. I even already own items that could technically fit the bill, but it’s the little subtleties that make or break it. The high-rise flared jean on Jane Birkin in the above photo is exactly what I have in mind. It’s the real deal, a 70’s high-rise jean. Like these, the version I’m looking for must hit at the absolute smallest part of the waist and fit tight through the hips. I would prefer no pockets on the back but that’s negotiable. The thighs must be slim but not tight and naturally extend to the width at the bottom. The color should be as Jane’s jeans or darker. Sounds simple, but past experience has shown me, you can’t always get what you want.

Why, you may wonder, is this jean silhouette so important? Because it captures the 70’s spirit that was all over the fall runways in a wearable way. The distinct tucked in tiny waist looks new after a summer of half tucks and tails obstructing the waist. The long length and clean hem are a welcome reprieve from summer’s cropped and frayed hems. Not that these are over, though the high-rise jean is a gentle nudge forward. I also see them as my new go-to pant. Tuck a skinny turtleneck in, and add a statement necklace with boots for day.  For a casual night out pair with a billowing romantic blouse and strappy heels. So let the search begin! Below are my initial finds in case you care to join me.

Vanessa Seward Bessette Jeans
Vanessa Seward always looks to the 70’s for inspiration, her Bessette Jeans are a good place to start
Joseph black high-rise jean
The shape of these Joseph flares looks just right, love the contrast stitching and even though black I can work with that.
Rocking Matches Prima Darling
Corduroy is big for fall and the shape and color won me over enough to include these from Rockins at Matches

I’ve only just begun, in the meantime some more 70s inspiration.

70's slacks Prima Darling
Love the whole look particularly the jewelry