The Perfect End Of Summer Dress

Doen Dress Prima Darling

August has rolled around much too quickly for me. As much as I love New York, I should really live in southern California. They enjoy, in real life, my dream of an endless summer. There’s a different feel in August, the light, the chill in the night air, the color of the water and beach grass. The new mood demands the perfect end of summer dress. Something loose, long and easy in dark or earthy tones. My online search brought me to Dôen, the California based company that captures the languid end of summer mood all year.

In 2016 sisters, Katherine and Margaret Kleveland, invited a group of women friends and acquaintances to launch Dôen. The varied backgrounds of the collective, from design to law, enabled the women to contribute in their area of expertise. The company mandate is to empower the women they work with, from the supply chain to the collective. The easy going clothes have a distinct 70s southern California vibe, well suited to the family centered lives of the collective and their extended community. Something they felt was missing from the marketplace at approachable prices. By focusing on a direct to consumer model they’re able to offer quality, style and value. Immediately the line was a hit and continues to sell out regularly. Women power at work and a prime example of the kind of company Prima Darling is on the lookout for during my year of living designer free.

Below are my picks for that perfect end of summer dress, guaranteed to travel with you wherever you go for the remainder of the summer. Enjoy!

Doen Dress Prima Darling
Avignon dress in deep ink

Does Dress back Prima Darling

Basil Dress Dôen
Basil Dress

Basil Dress Prima Darling

Sienna dress Prima Darling
Sienna dress

Argan Dress Prima Darling
Argan dress in indigo

Argon Dress Dôen Prima Darling

Happy Weekend!