Lucinda Chambers Celebrated for Great Style over Forty

Lucinda Chambers style over forty

Lucinda Chambers exemplifies great style over forty. She has always dressed  with a modern edge that looks personal rather than trendy, and proves that dressing age appropriate need not be boring.  For these reasons she is our first woman to be recognized in Prima Darling’s Fifty Over Forty Women of style.

The Prima Darling Fifty Over Forty series is an idea I’ve been contemplating for some time. The purpose is to periodically recognize women who are killing it in the style over forty department. They will come from a variety of professions, not just fashion and entertainment, and are chosen as prime examples of aging, not only with grace but with a heavy dose of verve as well.

Lucinda Chambers the Satorialist
Top Photo The Sartorialist

For those of you who haven’t heard, fashion news was dominated last week by the article in Vestoj in which Lucinda Chambers writes frankly about her abrupt firing from Vogue UK. I weighed in and reposted relevant PD stories that address some of the issues raised in her article. These past few days I’ve spent hours reading up on Chambers’ career and pouring over hundreds of images of her as well as photos of editorials she styled. I’ve always admired her style but now after delving more deeply into her aesthetic I’m a raging fan, and for that reason I’m kicking off our Fifty Over Forties Series celebrating Lucinda’s incredible style.

Vogue UK styled by Lucinda Chambers
Vogue UK, Styled by Lucinda Chambers, Photographer Josh Olins

Lucinda has that rare quality of always looking cool and at ease without even trying. She has a very strong sense of what pleases her, reflected not only in her personal style but in her fashion editorials as well. As a woman in her late fifties Lucinda’s style transcends age, meaning although she dresses with unconventional flair. She never looks like she’s chasing trends or trying to appear younger. It’s obvious that her strong sense of style comes from within, which is true of all great stylists.

Lucinda Chambers Prima Darling Style Over Forty

Lucinda Chambers styled for Vogue UK photo Patric Demarchelier
With Patric Demarchelier, Vogue February 2016

It’s no wonder that she worked closely as a consultant with Consuelo Castiglio, the founder of Marni, until Castiglio’s departure from the company she founded. The two seem to be fashion soul mates. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they did a project together? Just saying.

Lucinda Chamber and Consuelo Castiglioni, style over forty Prima Darling
Lucinda Chambers and Consuelo Castiglioni

Lucinda Chambers, style over forty Styled by Lucinda Chambers Lucinda Chambers, style over forty

Styled Lucinda Chambers Photo Patric Demarcheiler
With Patrick Demarcheiler for Vogue UK
Lucinda Chambers, style over forty
Lucinda Chambers
Styled Lucinda Chambers Photo Josh Olins
Into the Fold with Josh Olins, Vogue UK
Lucinda Chambers, style over forty
Lucinda Chambers