Speaking of Chic in the Heat…



I am obsessed with the jumpsuit in this image. It’s exactly the type of thing I was talking about in Summer Coverage (6/29/16). How chic is she? And what about those buttons up the side!!! This is exactly what I crave for right now. If I had my own collection I would make it immediately. For now I’ll continue to obsess over it and hope for a client who wants to produce it.

Cleveland Continuum

1I was delighted recently to find an issue of the Fall Book from Neiman Marcus on my mail table. Normally I don’t get so excited over such things but this issue’s cover immediately caught my eye with the stunning shot of mother-daughter models Pat and Anna Cleveland. Continue reading “Cleveland Continuum”

Minimalism Versus Maximalism

Celine vogue.com right Gucci vogue.com
Celine vogue.com                                                      Gucci vogue.com

This fall there are two distinct camps to consider: the minimalist and the maximalist. Gucci of course is leading the charge for the more is more aesthetic, while the quieter minimalist line up with Celine and The Row. Continue reading “Minimalism Versus Maximalism”

A New Chapter For Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein 1981 photo Irving Penn
Calvin Klein 1981 photo Irving Penn

The official news naming Raf Simons as chief creative director for Calvin Klein broke Tuesday while I was enjoying a day at the beach. The entire industry has been anticipating the announcement since April but because of Simons’s non compete agreement with Dior the official word was delayed. Continue reading “A New Chapter For Calvin Klein”