Smooth Transition

Chloe Fall '16
Chloe Fall ’16

Though it’s hard to imagine after the steamy few days we’ve had, soon we’ll feel the first chill of autumn in the air. Transitioning your wardrobe from the dog days of summer to fall is not without it’s challenges. One day may be hot the next chilly or a little of both within the same day. There are some things I love about transitional dressing for example wearing chunky sweaters with sandals. I also find mixing summer pieces with fall interesting like a silky summer top with a double face wool skirt. The key is to be aware of what the weather is up to so you’re not caught in a six-ply cashmere sweater nice and cozy in the morning but sweltering in the 80-degree plus afternoon. Layers come in handy for such days so you can peel them off as the temperature rises, but you already knew that. I’ve gathered images from the fall runways to illustrate how to make a smooth transition. A little advanced planning can prepare you to have some fun with cross (seasonal) dressing.

I’m drawn to the Chloe look at top. If you have the cash by all means go and grab this entire look. It would also be great under a camel coat when the temperature really dips. Alternatively you could take your favorite cropped white pant, pair it with a boot (I love that this one is burgundy) and add your favorite white blouse, if it’s a tie neck all the better. If you don’t have a white tie neck blouse you may consider making this your first transitional purchase.

Dries Van Noten Fall '16
Dries Van Noten Fall ’16

It could be fun to have a cheetah bomber and I love the striped ribs on the Dries Van Noten above. This would be a workhorse of a jacket all fall no doubt. It would look great over all navy or black as well.  The silky pant in a microprint is another wardrobe updater and this little dot on a wine ground is perfect. It could also be great with a skinny ribbed black crew neck sweater and a black strappy suede sandal….whatever, use your imagination!

Vanessa Seward fall '16
Vanessa Seward fall ’16

Denim is seasonless and therefore the perfect transitional fabric that can keep on giving all year long. I love the crispness of the denim here and that it’s a, formerly verboten, denim on denim suit. Cuffing the stiff denim pant to mid calf and then pairing it with a crushy almond color boot is a smart styling trick.

Bally fall '16
Bally fall ’16

One of my favorite transitional options is to wear heavy woolen skirts with bare legs. Legs still glowing with summer color keep it light and a slinky top, though it doesn’t have to be a bare as the one pictured here, give it a relaxed vibe. A fine gauge knit body conscious tee would work as well.