Five Fall Handbags for Five Hundred or Less

Loeffler Randall handbags

Fall is a wonderful season for dressing. Cashmere, leather, suede and fur make it rich with textures and luxurious in feel. The only catch is fall is also the priciest season. The accessories alone, boots, scarves and of course bags can quickly add up. Designer handbags now cost  thousands of dollars. They’re heavily promoted by big brands because the profit margins for bags are high, and handbags often make more money than clothes for many designer companies. With all this attention going to the big name bags, leather goods companies and the high quality, beautifully designed handbags they make are often overlooked. With that in mind, and in keeping with my Year of Living Designer Free, I’ve searched for a variety of covetable handbags that would be a great addition to any fall wardrobe for years to come. Here are my five under five picks.

Danse Lente handbags
Top photo Loeffler Randall $450, above Danse Lente $495 at Five Story
Clare V Prima Darling handbags
Clare V $495.
Spinal of London handbags Prima Darling
Aspinal of London $325
APC Prima Darling handbags
APC $455.