Embracing Change Through Real Estate

Prima Darling Embracing Change

Just over a month ago I chronicled the milestone of dropping both my daughters off at college.  My ex–husband and I separated when the girls were in 7th and 9th grade. I think the difficulties the girls and I faced only brought us closer together. Aside from the usual teen issues, both girls came through it great.  Now with the two of them in college, I’ve decided to make a clean break with the past and forge ahead into a new chapter of my life.  Translation, I’m selling the family apartment.

Embracing Change Prima Darling

I’ve struggled with this decision for a long time.  We came to this apartment when the girls were four and seven. This was the home they grew up in and always represented stability and security to me, a warm haven in a big city. But as hard as it is to break with the past, once that mental leap was made it’s been invigorating.

Embracing Change Prima Darling

I spent the last month decluttering, a cathartic process that fueled my sense of adventure as I lightened my load.  I have a good friend who insists you should change your life every 12 years.  When he said this almost a year ago at dinner I laughed it off and said I’m years overdue.  His statement stuck with me though and I think it’s true.  Life is change, like it or not, so why not drive that change rather than react to it.  Emboldened, I took the leap and now our home of fourteen years is on the market and being shown.  Of course in the world of Manhattan co-ops nothing moves at lightning speed with co-op board approval for the buyer an additional hurdle to cross, but the wheels are most definitely in motion.

Embracing Change Prima Darling

So to celebrate change and honor the past, a collage of memories of our last few years spent here with links to the apartment listing 😉

Here’s to embracing change!

xxx Jolain