Céline War

Céline War Prima Darling

The lead up to Hedi Slimane’s debut Céline collection on Friday is heating up with an Instagram war brewing betweenSlimane devotees and Philo loyalists.  After deleting the feed from Philo’s tenure and dropping IG hints for what’s to come, commenters quickly took sides.  There’s a striking resemblance to the Saint Laurent formula with cleaned up classic bags and back views hinting at a Saint Laurent look. Slimane could be stoking naysayers only to elevate the suspense. We’ll soon see…

Celine War
Céline War Prima Darling
Top photos from Céline Instagram, Above Hedi Slimane’s final Saint Laurent collection, Fall 2016

Slimane and Philo come from opposite sides of the design spectrum. He’s the champion of tight tight and short short, gleaning inspiration from decades past. Unless you’re a model it’s not exactly women friendly.

Céline War Prima Darling
Phoebe Philo’s final collections for Céline, Pre Fall and Spring 2018

Philo is a minimalist working mom and a modernist who understands quiet luxury for powerful women. She offered clothes as protection, he clothes for attention.  I’ll hold judgment until Friday to see where the Céline war ends up, we could be in for a surprise.