The Elevated Denim Jacket

Mango Prima Darling

Time and again I’ve searched my coat closet for a dark wash denim jacket, as if the one I can see in my mind will magically appear there. Maybe it’s because I at one point I had one but in a Marie Kondo moment, and not a denim moment, I tossed it. In the closet is a faded and frayed denim jacket that belongs to my daughter. After scrutiny in the mirror I decided not to go there. A teenager’s clothes do not belong on a woman of a certain age no matter how much yoga she does.

I find myself in the midst of a major denim moment without the essential denim jacket. The chilly but not quite coat weather we’ve been enjoying screams for a denim jacket, forcing me to confront this void. I have a clear idea of what I would like; it should be boxy in fit and able to accommodate a chunky sweater underneath. A dark rinse is preferred for a more refined feeling that would shield me from the above-mentioned teenager concern. I would like a nod to the current denim obsession with an interesting cut, details and proportion. Lastly I don’t want to spend a fortune on it because after all, it’s just a denim jacket. Here’s what I came up with, now to decide.

Mango Prima Darling Denim Jacket
Top photo and above, denim jacket with detachable faux fur collar. I love the flare and length of the sleeves.
APC Denim Jacket Prima Darling
APC never disappoints when it comes to classics. The unwashed Japanese denim instantly elevates this classic.
Cos Denim Jacket Prima Darling
Clean lines, a boxy shape and extra heavy denim make this jacket a contender.
Denim Jacket Far Fetch Prima Darling
The shape is perfect and I like that it deviates from a classic denim jacket, from Farfetch.
Zara Denim Jacket Prima Darling
The shoulder pads update a classic and give the Vetements look at a price.