DYS Hand Knit Scarf

DYS Hand Knit Scarf

The fall chill has finally arrived in New York. That can only mean one thing; time to dig out my scarves, hats and gloves. I’m particularly partial to scarves. If my neck is exposed to the cold I feel extremely uncomfortable. As soon as the temperature dips I won’t go out without a scarf. They’re warm, functional and have the ability to complete a look.

Hand Knit Scarf
Prada Scarf 

This year I’m partial to a homemade looking, hand knit scarf. Inspired by the Prada Fall ’17 show and the divine leather and knit jacket I’ve been admiring in the window of Prada on Madison Avenue. The homespun, hand knit feel is speaking to me. I also like the idea of a long skinny scarf as opposed to the large lightweight rectangular scarves I’ve been wearing in seasons past. I checked out a Prada hand knit scarf on Net a Porter where it can be had for a cool $1200.00. But wait, anyone with even rudimentary knitting skills could make one of these babies, myself included.

Prada Prima Darling
The Prada jacket I’m obsessed with.

I confess to a history of starting projects, losing steam and then abandoning them to the large storage box under my bed stuffed with yarn, needles and said projects. But a hand knit scarf, what’s to stop me from finishing that? It’s literally the same thing from start to finish, a straight line if you will. I even have all the materials. Maybe if I go public with this project I’ll actually finish it. Better yet why don’t you join me? Here I gathered images of different versions of the Prada Fall ’17 scarves. Look closely, there’s no wrong way to do it. Stripes, no stripes, ribs or not, you decide. If you’re feeling ambitious go ahead and add the beads and feathers. Just make sure the needles are big enough to insure a fast paced project, increasing the odds of finishing it. Hope you’ll join me and let me know your progress!

Prada Hand Knit Scarf Prima Darling
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Prada Hand knit scarf Prada Hand Knit Scarf Prima Darling Prada Hand Knit Scarf Prima Darling Prada Hand Knit Scarf Prima Darling

Prada Hand Knit Scarf Prima Darling

Prima Darling