Lizzie Fortunato for Spring/Summer

Lizzie Fortunato Prima Darling

Let’s look ahead to summer, because it looks like we’ll skip spring this year and head right into the heat of summer.  I’m thinking about how to dress simply yet with impact.  As you may have noticed from the past few weeks of posts there is a strong emphasis on simple classics.


Ten Indispensable Spring Tops focused on button downs and tees.

The Navy and Oyster story recommends simple sweaters, sailor pants and off white jeans for a smooth seasonal transition.

In Tips for Everyday Personal Style we look at two style queens who have mastered the art of simple dressing for high impact.

And Spring Basics to Buy Now suggests tried and true basics with the right cut and quality.

More than a current theme though, this is a style philosophy. To appear effortlessly chic I think is the highest form of style.  But just like beach hair, more effort goes into it than meets the eye.

Accessories Count

Which brings me to the point of this post; when wearing simple, classic clothes the accessories take on extra importance. Case in point; imagine the most basic of outfits, a white button down shirt with jeans.  Now imagine that same outfit with the earrings pictured below, a belt with a polished gold buckle to compliment the earrings and a statement making kitten heel.  Case closed.

Lizzie Fortunato Prima Darling
Buddha Earrings
Lizzie Fortunato

For statement jewelry that’s slightly ahead of the curve and always sophisticated, while still affordable, I go to Lizzie Fortunato.  The well traveled, twin sisters, Kathryn and Lizzie Fortunato founded their company in 2008. Lizzie designs and Kathryn manages the business.  The collection is handmade in New York and has captured the attention of major fashion magazines, stylists and designers.  Here are my favorite pieces from the Lizzie Fortunato spring/summer collection. I’m partial to earrings but more and more necklaces are coming into play.

Lizzie Fortunato Need
Go-go Crater Earrings
Lizzie Fortunato Prima Darling
Sojourn Lariat  Necklace
Lizzie Fortunato Prima Darling
Crater Earrings
Lizzie Fortunato Prima Darling
Best Friend Necklace
Lizzie Fortunato Prima Darling
Summer of Love Hoops