Name to Know

CristaSeya is a company after my own heart. Launched four years ago in Paris by Cristina Casini and partner Keiko Seya, they rejected the seasonal fashion system, in favor of showing what they call “editions” of roughly 15 pieces, every six or so months. Earlier editions are sold along with the new in their Ninth Arrondissement studio and are currently available on their online store for a limited time, as well as other ecommerce sites (see links below). Casini explains, “Each edition is a building block for a wardrobe”. The aesthetic is unisex minimalism with voluminous pants, tunics and roomy sweaters made from luxurious materials. At once timeless and worldly the styles transcend seasons and trends.

This photo, top photo and below from #08 Edition, inspired by the Greek Island of Anaphi.

Casini and Seya are well versed in the business of fashion, both worked previously as fashion editors and stylists. Casini’s mother owns an Italian knitwear factory, which produces the knits for CristaSeya, the balance is produced in Italy, France and Japan, with an emphasis on quality and eithical sourcing.

T Magazine

The movement to live more simply and with less fits well with the ethos of CristaSeya. By giving themselves ample time to research fabrics and develop styles, building on what they’ve already created, they’re able to distinguish themselves and build a well-defined brand. I wish more young fashion houses would structure themselves this way, focusing more on the product rather than the need to produce excessive amounts of clothes to feed an impossible show schedule.


To learn more about CristaSeya visit and T Magazine.