Here’s to Health

lucian freud wife carolin in bed

The day after Christmas I came down with a particularly virulent strain of stomach virus that still has me weakened and recovering on the sofa. I’m not alone; most of the 30 plus extended family members we spent Christmas day with were also stricken. After the fast pace of the holidays with too much food and drink and not enough sleep it would be almost nice to have these two days unable to leave the house and be productive if it were not for feeling awful. I’m much improved from yesterday and now that the fog of total misery has lifted I’m able to fully appreciate what a great gift it is to be in good health.

Vivien Leigh from gone with the wind
Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind

All our hopes, dreams and ambitions are intimately linked to the state of our health. Health, like time, is the most important asset we have. As 2016 winds down and I reflect on the past year and the year to come, good health and the gift of another year with my family and friends is what I hope for and will never take for granted.

Fred Astaire
Fred Astaire, top image Lucian Freud painting of his wife Caroline.