The Inimitable Style of Franca Sozzani

Angelo Pennetta for WSJ Magazine 15

I was saddened to learn today that Franca Sozzani passed away at the age of 66. The innovative editor in chief of Vogue Italia was a unique force in fashion. It was purely by coincidence that I published a story on yesterday highlighting the artful photography that Ms. Sozzani has championed throughout her career.

Like the great Diana Vreeland, Sozzani was guided by her intuition and innate sense of what the public was almost ready to see. She pushed our collective eye forward using intellect and art as her guide while eschewing the commercial. The photography world will especially miss her presence and support. has an extensive slideshow highlighting memorable images of her career. You can also read Suzy Menkes’ tribute to Sozzani on

I’ve always admired the inimitable personal style of Sozzani. Scrolling through the thousands of images of her online, it’s nearly impossible to tell what year it is and who she’s wearing because she transcends trends and designer dictates.   Her style has a bohemian air to it with an aristocratic edge, unstudied, comfortable and totally personal. She was also a great example for all women on how to age naturally and gracefully. As a tribute I’ve compiled images that illustrate Soazzani’s effortless elegance, she will be missed.

Franco Sozanni the satorialist
Image from The Sartorialist, top image Angelo Pennetta for WSJ Magazine.
Franca Sozzani sartorialist 11
Image from The Sartorialist

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Fanca Sozzani e il figlio Francesco Carrozzini (Franca. Chaos and Creation)

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