The Dream of Delpozo

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Most of the clothes I’ve seen thus far from the spring ’17 collections have been long on attitude and short on content. The endless mashup of tortured, torn and over manipulated looks shown on sad sack models has left me wondering about the current state of fashion and its future. That is until Delpozo.   Here is a collection that is refined, original and exemplifies the skill and artistry required to produce a real collection. Anyone can make a collection, but few can successfully translate original thoughts from deep within and realize them technically and artistically in fabric on the body. Josep Font is one of the few.

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Delpozo is not trickle up from the street fashion; it’s the product of Font’s fertile imagination fed by cultural references from the art world. He’s a thinking woman’s designer and he consistently delivers his own highly personal and unapologetic form of beauty.

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Font’s color sense is extraordinary and fearless. For spring he mixed clear icy tones of mint, periwinkle, tangerine and yellow grounded with crisp white and clear beige, nothing dark or somber in sight. His stiff fabrics are molded into shape, floating around the body though never fighting it. His fit on every exit is to perfection. The tulle and chiffon in breathtaking colors are handled with equal aplomb. Embroideries were executed with a light hand and felt modern. I would love to see more stars wearing his eveningwear, which is truly modern couture, though I doubt the company has the budget to compete with the big houses that pay for the privilege. Even better would be to see Kate Middleton in Delpozo. That would bring her to a whole other level of chic.

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I urge you to watch the entire show at, though you can skip the first 25 minutes which is just the audience assembling. It shows the entire finale and Mr. Font’s well deserved bow. Stills of the collection can be seen at Enjoy!