Halloween Decorations On the Upper East Side

Halloween 1

A strange occurrence happens each October on the upper east side of Manhattan. Some of the most valuable real estate in New York becomes the setting for elaborately staged tableaux of horror. With each passing year the stakes are raised. This year there are animated monsters, complete with soundtracks, smoke machines and stage lighting. Some think there’s a friendly competition among a group of hedge fund managers for the scariest brownstone. Others believe that a deal was struck with the devil, the standard success for your soul, with a clause for a killer tribute each Halloween. Who knew the devil had a sense of humor!

Halloween 2
Children have to develop a thick skin early.
Halloween 4
He’s larger than life with lots of attitude.
Halloween 5
Chilling with the dogs.
Halloween 8
An impromptu grave yard complete with the undead.
Hallween 9
No detail is overlooked.
Halloween 10
Always look up.
Halloween 6
The watch dog.
Halloween 7
The upside-down scary baby is a nice touch.
Halloween 11
These creepy siamese twins come back each year always in a new outfit.
Halloween 12
A zombie gang.
Halloween 13
The decor spills out onto the sidewalk and even the street.
Halloween 14
All in the family.
Halloween 15
These guys are animated, they chew and snarl while a misty fog rolls in.
Halloween 16
And the most disturbing of all, a vintage hearse is parked in the street, complete with skeleton driver.  At intervals this duo rises up through the sun roof, the boy struggling while the grim reaper restrains him. Very creepy.
Halloween 17
All photos Jolain Muller

Happy Halloween!