High Life


If you live in New York City or have visited in the past few years you must have seen the extremely tall, skinny building that towers above midtown. Regardless of what approach you take into the city the elongated rectangle looms large, dwarfing the skyscrapers around it. Designed by Rafael Vinoly, 432 Park Avenue is the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere.


Most New Yorkers have a strong opinion about this building. Many find it an obnoxious addition to the skyline, only going for ostentatious height at the expense of interesting design. I think because it towers over the old school skyscrapers of midtown it appears to be a pushy newcomer and the embodiment of the super wealthy that for better or worse have completely changed New York.

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 3.35.29 PM

For the record the building is not actually on Park Avenue but on 57th street between Madison and Park Avenue. With starting prices at 16.5 million to 95 million buyers damn well want that Park Avenue address, so much more tony than East 57th Street.   Address aside after years of witnessing the rise of this building I’ve cultivated a strong curiosity for what the interiors would look and feel like. My curiosity was quelled yesterday when the model residence on half of the 86th floor was unveiled and published on elledecor.com. Though the views are spectacular I personally prefer to live a little closer to the ground, but think of the entertaining you could do!

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Exterior images Jolain Muller, interior images elledecor.com