Zara’s New “Sustainable” Collection


Zara certainly does not need me to tout them. They’re doing just fine on their own, but when I came across their new “sustainable” collection called #joinlife I had to stop and take a closer look.  I use quotation marks around sustainable because I think the words green and sustainable are thrown around quite liberally in the name of marketing, so the jury is still out on that one. That said I concur that it’s a good thing when a mass retailer acknowledges that sustainability should be a consideration, hopefully for more than just marketing purposes.

Safari Dress #joinlife Zara
Denim Jacket #joinlife Zara


Sustainability aside what caught my eye was the spot on styling of the collection. There’s a strong Celine/Marni vibe particularly in the long black dress with the big pockets. I would wear it as a long tunic over a skinny black pant with a chunky flat form shoe. I also love the boxy denim jacket, perfect as an early fall jacket for right now.

This is a meaningful step in the right direction!
Now this is a meaningful step in the right direction!