Chic Rainwear for Stormy Weather

Catherine Deneuve

When it rains here in New York getting a taxi or Uber becomes nearly impossible. We’re exposed to the elements and have learned that the best course of action is preparedness. A sturdy umbrella, a good-looking raincoat and rain boots that are not outfit killers. The best-case scenario is to be rain ready with fashionable rainwear that keeps you happy on a dreary day. Here are my picks for the storms ahead.

Willa rain boot Five story Rainwear
Five Story Willa rain Boot
Willa rain boot Prima Darling Rainwear
Willa rain boot blue
Net-a-porter Rainwear


Stutterheim Rainwear
Stutterheim Stockholm raincoat Farfetch
Marni x Stutterheim Rainwear
Marni x Stutterheim Farfetch
Mackintosh Yoox Rainwear
Mackintosh in denim Yoox
Mackintosh kelly green Rainwear
Mackintosh kelly green Yoox
Cos Trench Rainwear
Cos Trench back
Cos trench Rainwear
Cos nylon trench front
Haas-Jordon Rainwear
Haas-Jordan, love the inside!
Carl Dagg Stock Rainwear
Carl Dagg Stockholm

Rain on the boardwalk

Prima Darling

  • JAN

    Reading this while the rain pours down on a wet and stormy UK August day!

    • Prima Darling

      Same here in New York!

  • Eric Gaskins

    Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!!!!!

  • Susan

    A great classic rain coat is invaluable. I love the Burberry trench and have owned the same one for about 15 years. Never goes out of style.

    • Prima Darling

      The Burberry trench is the king of all trench coats and a great investment. I have an APC trench that’s at least 10 years old and I still love it!