Spring For Restless Sleepers

This is my fourth story on the Italian brand, For Restless Sleepers. As long as Francesca Ruffini, the owner, founder and designer of the company continues to deliver exquisite collections I’ll keep writing about them. Spring was yet another high point for FRS. Within the confines of luxury loungewear Ruffini continues to expand on the theme without losing sight of her original concept.

Her fascination with prints and colors enable her to distinguish each collection, this time with bold geometrics, tropical florals, dragonflies and the unlikely jellyfish, which in her hands becomes an object of uncommon beauty. The For Restless Sleeper prints are the best on the market today. The color combinations and artistry of scale and rendering are in a class of their own. She could quit right there and rework the prints into the existing repertoire of FRS silhouettes. Ruffini however delves deeper into luxe lounge, this time inspired by the Japanese kimono and Chinese cheongsam. The world Ruffini has created with For Restless Sleepers is one of timeless beauty and exoticism; I can’t imagine any woman not yearning for a piece of it.

Here are my favorites from the spring collection; you can see the entire collection at vogue.com. You can also shop directly at forrestlesssleepers.com or check in with lyst.com to see what’s available on line including FRS on sale.

For Restless Sleepers 2 Prima Darling
All photos from vogue.com

For Restless Sleepers 3 Prima Darling

For Restless Sleepers 4 Prima Darling

For Restless Sleepers 5 Prima Darling

For Restless Sleepers 6 Prima Darling

For Restless Sleepers 8 Prima Darling

For Restless Sleepers 8 Prima Darling

For Restless Sleepers 9 Prima Darling

For Restless Sleepers 10 Prima Darling