Pre Fall 2018 Trends So Far

Pre Fall 2018 Prima Darling

Pre Fall openings are spread out for over a month with mainly low-key presentations. Like Resort, Pre Fall is in the stores for an extended selling period and provides the more wearable clothes that are the foundation for the majority of sales for the season. The show collections, spring and fall, are more like icing on the cake, with more concentration on making a statement on the runway rather than sales. Stores typically spend 80% of their dollars on pre collections, leaving 20% open to buy for show seasons. Some small independent companies like Lorod are sacrificing the limelight of a fashion week show in favor of making collections for the pre seasons only. Makes perfect sense to me, retailers have more money to spend and they are likely to get attention from retailers that have more time to shop the market.

Pre Fall is a good predictor for the clothes that will dominate in real life, in other words, what you’ll be wearing next fall.   After looking at the pre fall collections for the last month, I’ve gathered the non-trend trends that I think are worth taking note of.

Monochromatic Dressing Particularly in Warm Colors

Pre Fall 2018 Prima Darling
Top photo, pink suede jumpsuit by Victoria Beckham. Above, red suit by Piazza Sempione.
Pre Fall 2018 Prima Darling
Bottega Veneta

Continuation of the Mid-Calf Dress

Pre Fall 2018 Prima Darling
Narciso Rodriguez had a strong Pre Fall collection with some of the best soft dresses I’ve seen so far.
Pre Fall 2018
Narciso Rodriguez
Pre Fall 2018 Prima Darling
Rosetta Getty

Mixed Black Lace Dress

Pre Fall 2018 Prima Darling
Dresses with multiple lace patterns and trims, like this from Bottega Veneta, cut close to the body with a full skirt have recharged the lace dress.
Pre Fall 2018 Prima Darling

Caramel Colored Leather or Shearling  Jackets

Pre Fall 2018 Prima Darling
Caramel, like camel goes with everything and is a welcome change from black. Givenchy’s distressed shearling has an aviator vibe that I expect to see more of.
Pre Fall 2018 Prima Darling
I love the burnished quality and 70’s vibe of this leather jacket from Coach.

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  • Fortune Dushey

    Love the monochromatic dressing. Happy to hear this trend will continue into next fall!

  • Those first two jumpsuit looks are so hard to pull off but they look soo good!
    Especially love the red outfit…very autumn-ish.