Re Post: Party Like It’s 1999!

Marissa Berenson Henry clark vogue 1972

Once November hits the rest of the year fast forwards through the holidays. With Thanksgiving this week I know it’s a blink of the eye before holiday time is upon us. It’s been a crazy year with lots of change, some good, some bad and some necessary. I’m all for change, it’s what keeps life interesting and keeps you on your toes. With that in mind I plan to fully enjoy the holiday festivities with friends and family and like the Prince song says “party like it’s 1999”. God knows what the New Year will bring (sub-text scared like hell of what a Trump administration will feel like) so time to start planning for the year-end parties.

Mac Cosmetics
Marisa Berenson, Jerry Hall and Pat Cleveland for Mac cosmetics.

This year I have a strong feeling for an ankle length A-line skirt worn with a simple tight turtleneck and jewelry piled on Loulou de la Falaise style. The shoe will be a crazy high platform maybe in a bright color. This is what I envision, not necessarily what I have, but I’m determined to find the skirt, the rest I can manage. Really what I have in mind is what was known in the 70’s as a hostess skirt. Sounds good to me. Though I’m not a thrift shop shopper, or to put a better spin on it vintage, but my daughter is and I think that’s my best bet to find what I can so clearly see. Here are inspiration shots of the mood I’m going for. What’s your look for the holidays?

Lauren Hutton and Anjelica Huston by Richard Avedon-1970_3
This is a hostess skirt. What I want is not as full and folkloric.
Marisa Berenson In Valentino at Cy Twombly's palazzo henry clark 1968
Love this photo, it’s Valentino in Cy Twombly’s palazzo. This is the skirt I’m looking for! Photo Henry Clark
The necklaces are divine and what a great low key party look, velvet pant, turtleneck and stunning jewelry.
Loulou de la Falaise, always so chic.
Madame Figaro April
Loulou inspired looks from Madame Figaro.
It’s all about the accessories and attitude.
Marissa Berenson
Not a party look but take note of how the jewelry is layered over classic pieces.
This would make any outfit sing!
Sophia Loren 1970
J’adore the earrings and wondering if I can pull the eyes off.