Name To Know; Rodebjer

Rodejber Prima Darling

On Tuesday I posted a story on bright knits with a lead picture that was the inspiration for the story. The woman in the picture looks fabulous in a bright orange sweater and pink trousers, perfection!  Then I stumbled upon the same sweater as I perused one of my favorite online specialty retailers, Need Supply Company.  I assumed by the look of the sweater that it was $1000 plus, but to my surprise was listed at $245. Immediately I snapped into action to investigate this company that produces high style at accessible prices.  And that is how I “discovered” Rodebjar, the nearly 20 year old Swedish brand I never heard of.  Now I pride myself on knowing what’s out there, so I’m embarrassed to say that Rodebjar slipped through my radar, but better late than never.

Rodebjer Prima Darling
Rodebjer sweater in navy, top photo from the Spring ’19 collection @

The designer and founder of the company, Carin Rodebjer, hails from Sweden, though she started the business in New York and has lived here at various times.  You can read a 2014 interview with her in the Cut. Suffice to say this Stockholm based brand is now firmly on my radar. Here some of my favorite picks for fall.

Rodebjar Fall 2018
Rodejber Prima Darling
Rodebjer sweater in orange
Rodejber Prima Darling
Wool Throw
Rodejber Prima Darling
Down Puffer
Rodejber Prima Darling
Mohair Trench
Rodejbar Prima Darling
You can also visit the Rodebjer website here