I’m Obsessed with the Crown!


I’m utterly obsessed with the new Netflix series The Crown. Written by Peter Morgan, it follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II, beginning with her engagement to Phillip Mountbatten. Pacing myself, I’ve watched the first three episodes and hope to indulge in another tonight. The British monarchy has always fascinated me, to the point of imagining if a genie were to appear and grant me dinner with anyone in the world I would without hesitation ask for Queen Elizabeth II. Yes, I’ve actually thought this through.

Netflix the Crown

The period costumes and sets are so authentic I was convinced they must have been shot on location in Buckingham Palace and Sandringham-House. This story in the Guardian set me straight, revealing a glimpse of behind the scenes on set. The casting is nothing short of brilliant. Claire Foy’s convincing portrayal of the queen is layered and nuanced. She manages to convey her conflicted interior emotions while maintaining a controlled exterior.  It will be interesting to see how she grows with the role.


Hungry for more I’ve gathered intimate pictures of the real queen from that period. Do you think Her Majesty is tuning in?

King George VI the queen mother princess margeret and elizabeth in the gardens of the royal lodge at Windsor
King George VI The Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth
Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret in South Africa on a train
Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret on a train in South Africa
A lovely portrait of princess elizabeth age 20 july 19th 1946
A lovely portrait of Princess Elizabeth age 20, July 19th 1946
Princess Elizabeth engaged to Philip Mountbatten, Life Magazine
Princess Elizabeth engaged to Phillip Mountbatten, Life Magazine
the coronation of Elizabeth the II June 2,1953
The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, June 2, 1953
Queen Elizabeth poses forr a royal portrait
Queen Elizabeth poses for a royal portrait
and the portrait
The official portrait
With Prince Charles 1948
With new born Prince Charles 1948, Life Magazine
The Daily Mail 1957 At Windsor driving prince Charles and Anne
At Windsor 1957, driving Prince Charles and Princess Anne
Queen Elizabeth and Phillip Life
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, Life Magazine

Taschen book

In honor of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2013, Taschen published Her Majesty. This should hold me over until season two.