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In April when I began my Year of Designer Free Living one of my objectives was to seek out small, socially conscious companies that specialized in a product they perfect, produce and distribute in an ethical and artisanal way. I’m happy to say there are many companies doing just this. Working outside the fashion system they often go unnoticed by the masses while cultivating a small but loyal following. Once in a while these stalwart companies and the zeitgeist of fashion cross paths, such is the case with Nomadic State of Mind and the current Instagram fueled appreciation for handmade rope sandals.

Slip On With Sole, top photo from nomadicstate Instagram

Chris Anderson founded Nomadic State of Mind in the late 90’s. A socially conscious, outdoor enthusiast with a serious case of wanderlust, Chris started the company out of the back of his VW Van with the intention to do some good along the way. Handmade rope sandals became the vehicle for his vision and they have been producing them ever since. A visit to their excellent web site features an expanded line of sandals and accessories.

From Camille over the Rainbow

The sandals are quite good looking and influencers have taken notice. I predict these will soon usurp the trusty Birkenstock for the summer hippy chic sandal of the season, if not this summer, for sure next. I personally love the slide in camel with a vibram sole, unfortunately they’re out of stock in my size, but not to worry I ordered the JC style instead. I suggest you check them out pronto while they still have inventory. At around 50.00 dollars a pair they’re as easy on the wallet as they are on the eyes. While you’re there read up on the company’s history and philosophy, it’s a fun read and proof that a business can serve the community, treat all employees with dignity, turn a profit and have fun doing it.

The JC sandal in camel
From Le Catch
From nomadicstate Instagram