Unofficial East Hampton House Tour

Lasata, East Hampton House

To enjoy the last official weekend of the summer I’m off to East Hampton and leave you with this story, originally posted last August.  Happy Labor Day!

Unofficial East Hampton House Tour

East Hampton, New York, brings to mind images of manicured lawns rimmed with high hedges, screening extravagant mansions. But there’s more to it than that. My recent visit there inspired me to devise this unofficial East Hampton house tour, to showcase, along with the show stoppers, some of the more attainable and, even dare I say, humble abodes. Grant it nothing comes at a humble price out there. Even a shack sitting on a decent parcel of land will run into the millions. Though there’s no denying the natural beauty of the area, surrounded by the ocean and the bay and bursting with flora, it’s well worth it. Here’s a small sampling of homes I could easily imagine myself happily whiling away the summer in.

Ocean front East Hampton
Top photo Lasata, the childhood summer home to Jackie Kennedy Onassis, currently on the market. Above, ocean front splendor.
10 Lee Avenue, East Hampton House
Another beauty currently on the market
Major Shrubbery
Major Shrubbery
Northwest Harbor
A contemporary near the bay
Glass House
An unusual new glass house near the bay
Stable converted to a house
A stable converted to a home, notice the fire hydrant on the lawn from the stable days.
Doll's house
We call this the doll’s house, for the perfectly shrunken proportions
Idyllic house
The position of this is idyllic, I would never tire of the view.
Bayfront Charm
Charming! I would eagerly spend the summer right there.
Starter house
My own Hampton starter house. Kidding, but seriously has potential…

Top photo Eric Gaskins, all other photos Jolain Muller