Three Outfit Options for a Rainy Weekend

Outfit Options Prima Darling

After a rainy week we can look forward to a rainy weekend, which got me thinking about wet summer weekends. I’ve been relying on the same navy Jil Sander windbreaker (ancient) and think it’s time I update my outfit options for such occasions. If spring is any indication we may have more than our fair share of rainy weekends this summer.  Though I’m a sun worshiper from way back, the occasional rainy beach weekend can be cozy and relaxing.  I love long beach walks on cloudy days or just meandering around town, browsing in stores and having coffee with friends.

Spurred on by two must have summer items I came across, I built three different outfit options for foul weathered weekends.  Tomas Maier’s Uniqlo collaboration dropped online last night.  The collection has the perfect cashmere crew neck.  I’m also obsessed with rubber Birkenstocks. They’re perfect for the beach, pool, garden and of course rainy days.  They come in great colors and are inexpensive.

Below are my three outfit options, with links on where to buy. I suggest you move fast on the Tomas Maier sweaters, they will certainly sell out.

Option I
Outfit Options Prima Darling
Jeans, Birkenstocks, Etro Scarf, Windbreaker, Cashmere Crew Neck

The only type of denim jean I’m into right now is a straight leg, slightly faded boyfriend jean like the one pictured here.  The sweater is the perfect summer red and I love how the silk twill scarf elevates an otherwise laid back outfit. Tie around your neck or wear on your head as a kerchief.  This look would be equally at home in the country 0r on the water.

Option II
Outfit Options Prima Darling
Cashmere Sweatpants, Birkenstocks, Windbreaker, Missoni Scarf, Cashmere Crew Neck

I love the intense mango color of the sweater played off the neutrals.  The cashmere sweatpants are a steal and are perfect with the silver Birkenstocks.  A skinny Missoni scarf adds pattern and pulls the whole look together.

Option III
Outfit Options Prima Darling
Sailor Pants, Raincoat, Birkenstocks, Cashmere Crew Neck, Cotton Scarf

This transparent aqua raincoat begs for a mélange of whites and ivories.  The scarf is cotton and I would tie it, pirate style, on my head, my little trick for saving my hair from the insidious effects of humidity.

Prima Darling