In Praise of Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant 1

 Resort presentations are still trickling in, one that caught my attention was from French designer Isabel Marant. Marant is a very personal designer whose collections stem from her own needs and lifestyle. I admire her for tuning out the noise and doing what makes sense to her and apparently many other women based on the growth and success of her company. Her down to earth no nonsense approach is refreshing in an industry that often ignores the needs of women in favor of theatrics. For Resort Marant showed a clean and more tailored collection imbued with the nonchalant cool vibe she’s known for though noticeably less boho-chic. Here are my favorites.

Isabel Marant 3

Isabel Marant 4

Isabel Marant 2

Bottom Feeder Alert!!! There’s an embarrassment of Isabel Marant riches available on line right now, much of it drastically reduced and I’m talking about the good stuff! The shoes are worth stocking up on. They look great and you can even walk in them! All day!!! Par example…..

Great way to kick start Fall
Great way to kick start Fall