Cheap Fun

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Of the myriad of sunglasses I have I feel I’m missing a borderline kitsch pair of cat eyes preferably in a light color. It’s been in the back of my mind, nothing pressing, but on more than a few occasions this summer I felt that if I only had such a thing my look would be complete. Then via the wonders of the Internet I stumbled upon a little piece on about inexpensive sunnies as they called them which led me to a site I was unaware of called of all things Crap, a cool little company out of LA.   Turns out they have just the thing I’m looking for, for around 60 dollars and free shipping for over 50 dollars. Only problem is I can’t settle on a color. See for yourself, I’m partial to the style they call The Wild Gift but there’s much more in molto colors for both men and women.

crap 1

Crap the wild gift 60.00

Crap The Wild Gift 58.00

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