At Home With the Obamas

obama-white-house-6With the election less than a week away I’m already feeling nostalgic for the Obama’s time in the White House. With fondness I recall election night 2008 watching the returns with family and friends. My daughters, the same age as the Obama girls, were thrilled when Obama was declared the winner. At their young age they were acutely aware that they had just witnessed history being made.


Fortunately the people at Architectural Digest had the good sense to visit the Obama’s private quarters of the White house and document it for the December issue. The soothing colors, inviting comfort and warmth of the rooms make it easy to imagine the happy times the first family must have shared there. The surprise for me was the vast array of modern art that enlivens the traditional furnishings. They even have two paintings from one of my favorite midcentury Italian painters, Giorgio Morandi. You can see the story at

obama-white-house-4 white-house-center-hall white-house-sitting-room dining-room white-house-treaty-room obama-white-house-8

Paintings Giorgio Morandi. All photos Architectural Digest
Paintings Giorgio Morandi.  All photos Architectural Digest