A Second Look at Bottega Veneta

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Sometimes you have to look back days later at a collection to fully appreciate and understand it. This was the case for the spring ‘17 Bottega Veneta collection. As I was flipping through all the images I saved from the past month of shows the quiet purity of the Bottega Veneta looks stood out, like hearing a single pure note amidst the static and noise. In a world where everyone is screaming for attention it’s reassuring to see clothes that invite women to go about their lives in clothes made to first and foremost serve and please the wearer. Tomas Maier has ably led the house for 15 years showing the first women’s wear show in February of 2005. This year as Bottega Veneta celebrates their 50th anniversary I salute Maier for following his passion for quietly dignified clothes for women of all ages, something that too often gets lost in the noise.

Bottega Veneta all images vogue.com

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