La DoubleJ, A New Line to Know

La DoubleJ Prima Darling

The runaway success and super strong Resort collection prompted me to dedicate a post to the relatively new collection, La DoubleJ.  I’m very excited about the this collection, it fills that all-important, but hard to find (at a price) niche of statement pieces that can be mixed with more minimalist pieces for maximum effect.  For Restless Sleepers is another such company, and like them La DoubleJ revolves around masterfully printed silks from the Lake Como region of Italy. In this case the founder, J.J. Martin, a former fashion journalist, vintage enthusiast and street style star, teamed up with Italian silk mill Mantero, to repurpose archival prints in classic yet timely shapes.  Her keen eye and love of color make for an exuberant collection that’s hard to resist. Here, a taste of Resort and a selection that’s currently available online.

La DoubleJ Prima Darling
This and top photo La DoubleJ Resort, see the entire collection at
La DoubleJ History

JJ Martin, a California native, fell in love with now husband, Andrea Ciccoli, an Italian. He is the cofounder of The Level Group, a firm that builds e-commerce platforms.  It was a fortuitous match, check out their fabulous and fun website and you’ll see what I mean.  It never hurts to have major Internet clout and savvy on your side when launching a business. This is the new reality.  You can read about the birth of the business in The Business of Fashion. And see JJ’s and Andrea’s high-spirited apartment in this May spread of Architectural Digest online.

La DoubleJ Prima Darling
J.J. Martin in her Milan Apartment, See the story at
La DoubleJ PrimaDarling
From a large selection at Matches
La DoubleJ Prima Darling
From a selection at Moda Operandi

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