Shades of Grey the Victoria Beckham Way

07-vvb-fall-2017 Victoria Beckham

The first 10 looks from the Victoria Victoria Beckham Fall ’17 presentation were different shades of grey and unlike the two cheesy Fifty Shades of Grey movies (not that I saw either one) this had substance. Layer upon layer of tonal grey mélanges in knit, flannel, double face and shearling were masterfully mixed. The relaxed fit and menswear inspired styles hit the right note for the feminist attitude pervading fashion for fall. Beckham’s personal style has shifted to a looser more street feel with just the right amount of insouciance, reflected in all her collections. Beckham’s great advantage is that her personal preferences appeal to many like-minded women.

05-vvb-fall-2017 Victoria Beckham
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Beckham also touched on the dark denim thing I wrote about last week.

26-vvb-fall-2017 Victoria beckham 22-vvb-fall-2017 Victoria Beckham Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 7.44.51 PM

I just had to post the next photo because I LOVE how she looks. God knows there are a lot of street style photos out there and most of them don’t move me. I often get the sense many are dressing for the cameras and come off as too self-consciously styled, but this woman is perfection. The bag, the coat, the cropped pant, it all works. I adore the chunky black sandal with sheer rusty socks, who knew! I regret I can’t credit the photo; I have no idea where I found it, my apologies to the photographer and my thanks!